Gallipoli is a pleasant small town near Lecce,in Apulia, south of Italy. It has always attracted tourists and visitors from all over the world.

In fact its name is of Greek origin and means “beautiful town” and many people call it “Ionian pearl”.

The old town is an island linked to the new town by means of a 17th-century bridge. It is an authentic old town which hasn’t been renovated yet.

Here you can smell the sea as well as the flowers on the windowsills and the fragrances of Gallipoli cooking.

The winding streets are full of the voices and the sounds of every-day life which still flows slowly according to Mediterranean paces.

You can find astonishing surprises everywhere: a shrine, a hidden portal, an unsuspected small window, a small church…

As a matter of fact another feature of the old town is the abundance of churches which represent a remarkable artistic heritage.

Moreover, in the old town, you can also visit some hypogean oil presses, the interesting town museum, the old market, the renovated Garibaldi Theatre and, last but not least, the imposing Angevin Castle which seems to welcome visitors to this magical world.

The new town isn’t inferior. It’s always full of life and offers various opportunities for shopping.

There are two seafronts, here you can have long and relaxing walks and enjoy landscapes, above all at sunset.

In the end, Gallipoli is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday.

 Video on the most beautiful places of Salento. It was filmed by our friend and guest, artist Bruno Pollacci.