Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Informative report on privacy under the clause 13, D. Lgs. 30 – 06 – 03 n. 196, containing rules about personal data protection.

Personal data are collected by the contact form available here and are employed to answer by e-mail or phone calls only if required, the messages containing clear demand for information about services, estimates, etc.

Necessary data are name and e-mail address, they are memorized on protected information backup.

Data entry means consensus to data treatment.

Maria Cristina Maritati is the holder of the data. All the collected data will never be given to a third party.

Access to personal data and other rights under the clause 7, D.Lgs. 30 – 06 – 03, n.19.

At any moment all concerned can demand confirmation of their data’s existence; the origin of these data and treatment rules (already included in this informative report); updating; data correction or integration;

deletion; anonymous transformation or the block of personal data in case of violation, including data whose conservation is not necessary to the declared purposes.

Link to the Italian decree page


Informative report on the use of Cookies under the measure n.229, 08 – 05 – 14

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small text files that the visited sites send to their terminals where they are memorized in order to be transmitted again on the next visit.

Third-party cookies, instead, are set up by a website different from the one the user is visiting. Elements from different servers can be present in every site.

What are cookies for ?

They are used for different purposes: information authentications, session monitoring, storage of information about particular configurations of server users, storage of preferences, etc.

There are different kinds of cookies:

– technical: they are for surfing the Net or for giving the user a service he has required; they are not used for other purposes and are generally installed by the site holder;

– analytical: they are used for statistics;

– profiling: they are for marking out the user’s tastes, habits, choices, etc. Users can be sent advertisements according to his preferences by means of these cookies;

– session cookies: they expire and are eliminated at the end of surfing (browser closing);

– persistent cookies: they do not expire and are active for a very long time (months, years) and enable the site to recognize the user and his preferences automatically.

Who installs cookies ?

Cookies can be owners, namely they are installed by the site you are visiting; moreover they can be third-party, namely they are installed by sites different from the one you are visiting. As for third-party cookies, it is up to respective owners to obtain consensus to use and give the possibility to instal and/or cancel them, the site owner must only inform the user of these cookies.

Which cookies does use ?

This site uses owner cookies and houses some scripts implementing third-party services and functions which can transmit cookie installation.

In particular:

– technical owner cookies, for which the user’s consensus is not necessary :

= session storage cookies

– non-profiling third-party cookies, for which the user’s consensus is not necessary:

Google Analytics (anonymous); link to Privacy informative report

– profiling third-party cookies, to which third parties must obtain informed consensus:

Google + link to Privacy informative report

Facebook link to Privacy informative report

Twitter link to Privacy informative report

Cookie management:

world-wide – web users can completely control cookies by means of the tools provided by browsers developers.

These cookies can be deleted or installed. Here are the instructions to configurate the most common browsers:

Google Chrome link to the guide

Mozilla Firefox link to the guide

Microsoft Internet Explorer link to the guide

Apple Safari link to the guide

Opera link to the guide

Consensus :

Terms and Conditions are considered accepted keeping on surfing the site in any of its pages.

Link to the complete text of Italian informative report